Land for sale in Dolna banya

We have for sale 5 incredible plots around the town of Dolna banya. The plots range from 1500 m2 up to 4000 m2 and price from 18 to 25 Euro per m2. Dona banya has the following: hot natural spars with mineral water rising from the ground at 70 degrees centigrade. Hence the Germans will build a new indoor Spa and swimming pool complex in he town on a massive 15,000 m2 site. In addition there are already hotels with hot natural Spa swimming pools for use the whole year-round. The new Jack Nicklaus design golf club is on the edge of the town. Borovets ski resort is 20 minutes drive up the mountain, and in future the neighbouring town of Raduil will get a ski lift up to Borovets. The surrounding countryside makes this area one of the most beautiful around summer and winter. Five minutes either side are the fishing lakes of the village of Maritsa and a small airport for those wishing to learn to fly, or have a villa with a small aircraft parked outside. This is fast becoming an affluent area. Out of the 5 plots 4 are next to gently running streams, which any development would take full advantage off.