Land for sale in Ihtiman – 26,398 m2

26,398 m2 (6,5 acres) plot of land just outside the town of Ihtiman for only 2 Euro per m2! This is massive plot, ideally set back off the main road to Sofia by 250 metres. It has road access at both ends. The size of the plot means it would be ideal for over 50 largest villas. Water is on site and electricity is within reach. It is just outside the town of Ihtiman, yet far enough away to be quiet. There are panoramic views to the surrounding mountains, and it’s just 2 km from the motorway junction. Three pots close by have been sold to a Greek investor, so development and new infrastructure here will push prices higher as and when building starts. Just outside the capitol of Sofia, land is very expensive but in certain surrounding areas they can be 10 times cheaper if one looks carefully only a few miles further. One such own is Ihtiman, which is 24 miles South East of Sofia, next to the A1 motorway. Land there will cost about 2 to 3 Euros per m2, whilst some of the neighbouring areas will cost 20 Euros. On the outskirts of Sofia land rises to several hundred Euros per m2. The neighbouring areas like Dolna banya are only 25 minutes from the ski resort of Borovets, so they attract a higher premium and are around 20 Euros per m2, but are an hour drive to Sofia. Ihtiman and its villages are only 25 minutes drive to Sofia, but are 40 minutes from Borovets. A new motorway will connect Ihtiman to Borovets in few years. Once complete the travel time from Ihtiman to Borovets will be the same as the expensive areas such as Dolna banya, and at the same time half the distance to Sofia. Even without the motorway, Ihtiman`s location should mean that prices should soon catch up with the surrounding areas that are presently 10 to 20 Euros per m2. What else has the Ihtiman area got going for it: · Bulgaria`s first golf and country club with riding, swimming pools, driving range, tennis etc. · Just 10 minutes drive from the beaches of the massive Iskar lake with ridding, jet skiing, quad biking, fishing, boating or just good old sun bathing. · Ihtiman lies right in the middle between the two largest cities – Sofia and Plovdiv. It has a direct train to both cities with Sofia 30 minutes west and Plovdiv 50 minutes east. Not only that, it sits only 1 km from the motorway that services both cities. Ideal for city commuters.  · A large Motorway Motel, with services and Western standard restaurants, shops, currency exchange and play area. Ihtiman town is presently undergoing radical change, with all its streets being dug up to install new infrastructure for future expansion. The town is reminiscent of old East German. Once this work is complete investment can not fail to come into the area, due to its excellent location. Whilst Bulgarians prefer to live in the towns, foreigners or city commuters will looks to the outskirts or neighbouring villages for panoramic views. Here lie the best opportunities . Agricultural plots near to a road, with water and electric pose the best investment. In Bulgaria you simply buy your planning permission, which cost around 2 Euro per m2, so you can build almost anywhere. The clever buyer will also make sure their plot has a reasonable agricultural grade as this reinforces the investment as agricultural land has risen sharply in the past few years and it looks set to continue.