Garden Maintenance

A beautiful arranged garden is always a great complement to each property. Maintaining a healthy lawn and garden involves using good maintenance practices throughout the growing season, proper mowing, fertilizing, irrigation and thatch control provide a dense, healthy, hight-quality lawn and plants.We design our garden maintenance packages based on season and activities need to be performed. In Season Spring/Summer package cover the time period from the end of March till the beginning of October and Off Season – Autumn/Winter package starts in the middle of October till the middle of March. For each of our clients we will prepare a separate maintenance schedule based on garden type, growth rate, climate conditions and if there are some specific requirements, to keep their property looks great in all seasons. 

Garden Maintenance – Spring/Summer

  • Garden and lawn maintenance – mowing, airing, watering, fertilizing, weeding, pruning, re-sowing
  • Spring clean-up – remove fallen leaves, branches, winter sand and other debris
  • Submission of a written report with  the respective pictures

    Garden Maintenance – Autumn/Winter

    • Autumn clean-up  – remove fallen leaves and branches
    • Snow removal from the front door walk
    • Submission of a written report with the respective pictures


    Garden +

  • Our Landscape designers will create your own  garden plan considering your wishes and budjet.They can help you think of complications you should solve in the early stages of your garden establishment.Get all family members involved, too.By considering everyone’s wants and needs, we will ensure both appreciation and cooperation as the plan takes shape.The whole project will be less work, more fun, and more successful.

  • * All prices are subject to negotiation and depend on complexity of the designed maintenance schedule.

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    Swimming Pool Maintenance

    Weekly service 

    • Weekly testing of a full range of the pool chemicals
    • Balance & treat the water as needed
    • Brushing  the spa and all horizontal pool surfaces
    • Cleaning of skimmers and pump baskets
    • Skimming the water surface to remove debris
    • Checking the water level
    • Visual inspection of the pool and report major problems for future repair


    • Testing of the pump
    • Testing of electrical system
    • Lights testing


    • Full seasonal start-up cleaning and testing
    • Preparing the pool for winter months

    * Pools vary in features, size and surroundings and the rate for weekly service varies based on these factors. The exact rate will be determined during an initial assessment.

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